Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chicago? Yes, Chicago

Grey Clouds & Silver linings and such... In 2004, I decided to leave the company where I was working and take a year off. That lead to my ability to train and, eventually, walk in the Boston 3-Day. I was fully able to experience what I had seen thousands of other walkers experience on the 3-Day. But, alas, good intentions of walking again this year failed to materialize when I took a new job and moved to San Antonio, TX. No walk for MotoCrew Michael in 2006. But...

The company I worked for in San Antonion and I have decided to part ways. I am vunce again unbound by zee trappings of zees American kapitalistic society! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha!

Guess what, that means I can do more 3-Days! So, after my family vacation in San Diego/Vegas next week, I will be riding from San Antonio up to Chicago where my friend Jackie is walking this year. I get to cheer her and 2,000 of her closest friends on for 3-Days. Of course, that is never enough for me, so I am also the Volunteer Captain for the Traffic and Safety team at holding during Closing Ceremonies. That will make it a clean sweep -- Crew, Walker and Volunteer -- 6 States, 8 Cities and 13 Events. I sure wish they would hire me at Event-360 so I wouldn't have to keep registering every time! :-)