Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hello, I must be going

I'm here in Phoenix, at least for 10 more minutes. Then I jiump on a plane back to Orange County to get my bike and ride back to Phoenix tomorrow. This was so much easier when I was unemployed.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Letters from the MotoCrew

I was just sitting down to tell you how I felt about our crew this year, when I opened my email to see comments from many of them. Many of you have asked what it is like from a MotoCrew perspective (which is how I started this BLOG in 2003). Sit back, relax, and read what the MotoCrew have to say...

---[ From Master Sergeant Jay ]---
Hello All,
I hope this email finds you all in great health and lifted spirits (albeit sore and tired). I pray that the rainy ride home wasn't detrimental to anyone's health or bike. Shari and I happened upon a "little" weather last night ;- ) My thanks to Shari for dragging me through it.

I sincerely appreciate all the help, guidance and friendship that everyone shared with me. You all were right, it was truly a life changing experience. Everyone of you deserve the gratitude and thanks that all the walkers and staff give you, you are all better people than most for doing what you do as long as you've done it. I am extremely appreciative of being associated with all of you, if for only for a weekend. Again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude to you all.

---[From Shari ]---
Too all of you, the greatest CREW on the 3 DAY 2005....My thanks and appreciation for all your help, support, guidance, hugs, kisses, tears, jokes, jabs, smiles and MEMORIES! what a weekend.....

Every year I wonder if it can stir the same emotions, pride and fulfillment, as the last and like the bunny, it just keeps coming on strong!

As all the walkers filed in at closing, I thought it would never end...how incredible. To get them from point A to point B every day, and hope we made it more enjoyable, easier, safer and were helpful, what a reward.

I can only hope everyone made it home safely last night, it was terrific the weather held as long as it did...the light show and dew that greeted Jay and I on the way home became increasingly persistent, Jay and I shared each others wake on a very ugly night, but just having him at my side, knowing he would help, is what it must be like for the walkers, someone who cares and is there if needed....Yep, that is what it's all about!

My love and memories I'll always have for all of you! Thanks again for another year of 4 days that most people could never understand, should you try to explain it. My very best to all.

---[Chris "the Limey" ]---
Once again we have managed to combine experience and enthusiasm to provide a service that was bettered by none.

I am always in awe of the grace under pressure of the people who are by my side in this annual adventure, the walkers adore us but that affection is not given easily. It is earned with selflessness, kindness and apparently the questionable ability to leave the house wearing chaps, or a kilt, or both.

I have a friend who walked this year and she made it clear that we have only the smallest idea of how special we are to the walkers. We are guards and guides, we are milemarkers, we are crossing guards, we are greeters, we are cell phone police and we are there only for them.

I look forward to this event every year because I get to spend time with a group who have surpassed the title of friends and have become an extended family without all that arguing about where to spend Thanksgiving.

Congratulations to Paul and his Asst Captains for a job well done, minimum fuss and maximum efficiency was a great combination. I feel sorry for anyone who has not had this experience, but I don't want too many to know, I would hate to end up on the PortaPotty pump crew next year.

---[ From Greg ]---
I'm at work today and I'm finding it difficult to de-compress from such an impressive 3Day. It's difficult to describe the feelings and emotions to a "civilian". I try to describe the weekend but you can read their eyes...they just don't get it. Not their fault of course, the 3Day must be experienced to be understood.

My fourth 3Day but still amazed and in awe of the human spirit. We are exposed to so many negative things in the news, TV and radio yet for three days, 5000 walkers and crew unify with one single minded cause to make so many selfless act of kindness, too numerous to mention.

It was a privilege and honor to ride with each one of you. From a previous walker's perspective, I always felt that the MotoCrew were the "Rock Stars" of the event. This weekend confirmed that theory! More importantly, I found that the Rock Star status is earned by your hard work, dedication and desire to serve the group.

I was so busy working, laughing and crying that I hardly had time for photos but I hope to edit / compile what I have and will forward accordingly. I wish that I could duplicate the mental pictures and forward them as well.

Thank you for not abusing my rookie status and I hope to ride with you again.

---[ From Kathlene & Terry ]---
Just reading your emails so far has once again opened up the emotions of these past days. Terry and I, well... especially me, can not begin to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. Your guidance, your laughter and your friendship.

It was all that I thought it would be and then some. As a past walker I remember clearly how much I appreciated the crew. I remember the moment I first saw the crew shirts on the Victory walk and that is when the sobbing like a baby began, lol. I think I sobbed like a baby this time too. My crew here at worked asked why the eyes were all puffy, lol.

Will I ever be able to thank you all enough? I don't think so.


I used that word a lot this weekend -- AWESOME!

The San Diego 3-Day is now in the book, raising over $10.3. Million! Way to go. Walkers, Crew, Family and Friends!

I am currently at 25,000 feet heading back to San Antonio for the night. When I get a chance tonight, I will update again with my 3-Day Small World stories, my thanks and tributes.

I just wanted to say how thankful and appreciative I am to have worked with an amazing MotoCrew (Route Safety for you newbies) team with weekend. 22 of the most talented, energetic, caring folks I could ever hope to meet. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!

Wait... Did I mention my Sister, Lauren, finished the walk with her entire team of first year walkers? Way to go Pink PANTers! Over $20,000 raised and not one IV or ambulance ride.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Settling in to Texas

Even though I have been traveling extensively since taking on my new job, I am still finding time to settle into the Texas lifestyle. Today I bought a new home which is still under construction. You can see the pix here. So Texas is going well for me as is my new job.

I was very disappointed to hear this week that Howard Sitron is no longer with the NPT nor is he associated with the 3-Day events. I don't know the story (so don't ask) but I will miss him and his energy greatly. While I am sure that the 3-Day will continue to flourish and be an outstanding community event, it will suffer greatly for his loss.