Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Breast Cancer 3-Day Season

I seem to be really good at posting when I start a season, then sort of fall off the pace.

The 2010 was a spectacularly wet season for my events.  Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego were the wettest 3-Day's I've ever done on Route Safety (my walk in Boston was wetter still, but walking in it was easier for me than riding and crewing).  The one thing I learned from my beautiful walkers in 2010 is that there spirit cannot be washed away.  No matter how wet we got, the smiles, singing and cheering continued.  We had a blast in every city.

Now I am building my donation pages for 2011.  So far, I have confirmed San Francisco, Phoenix and San Diego.  I will select a fourth city but I don't want to decide which one just yet.

As always, I greatly appreciate all donations made to this quality organization fighting this horrific disease.  This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of Sally's passing.  That is hard for me to believe.  She lived almost 40 years and has already been gone 10 years.  That is just wrong.  Perhaps this year will be the medical breakthrough year.  Perhaps this year we fund the right projects at the right times to find the silver bullet.  Fingers crossed.