Monday, October 29, 2007

Dallas Wrap Up

Another outstanding event. Short. To the point.

The heat of 2005 and the wind of 2006 left us alone this year. Instead, we had 72° days with cool breezes and lots of sunshine.

The nights got cold -- near freezing Friday night -- but manageable. Once again, the Dallas Route Safety team was outstanding. A friendly, likable, quality group of folks. Evenly split between motorcycles and motorless cycles, the group worked together flawlessly. Our venerable (look it up) captain once again navigated the OCD-prone staff and renegade bikers (sorry, Chuck, but I was only going one way) with grace.

As always the event is measured by the walkers. This group of perambulators was awesome. Happy, healthy and well trained, they carried their 3-Day Smiles for all 60 Miles.

Thank you Dallas walkers, crew and staff. I will miss this group of new friends.

On the road again....

Apparently, I COULD wait to get on the road again. That bed just felt too good, perhaps fueled by the full plate of Campisi's spaghetti and meatballs last night.

Oh well... I am leaving Dallas now.

Sorry for the missed updates. My phone died on Saturday and I didn't charge it until last night. Hopefully, the recipients of my 3-Day pigs from the last two years will send pictures as I have missed getting both shots.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Great Day 1

I am too tired and my head hurts too much to blog now, but I wanted to share one picture. These two Marines are walking the event in fatigues with 60 pound packs. Talk about inspirational.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carbo loading for the DFW walk

Crew training is done, hugs exchanged and stories told. Comparisons to prior years will continue -- 2005's heat wave that knocked out many walkers and 2006's wind storms that knocked over the rest of the walkers -- while we carbo-load for the start at 5am tomorrow.

I hope to post a pic or two during the event but no promises.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here we roll again

It is Tuesday afternoon, San Diego is burning, and I am packed and ready to fly back to Texas to start my trek on the final 3-Day events of 2007.

My thoughts and prayers for all who lost homes or other, precious items.

I will try to post nightly, but experience has told me that it is unlikely I will be consistent. I am usually too busy, followed by too hungry and finally too tired to do much. Please, keep checking though. I may get a sudden burst of cuteness and you wouldn't want to miss that.