Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Another "Foreigner" to the Crew

From: Linda J Hammett
Subject: RE: Follow the 3-Day from a MotoCrew perspective!

Hey Michael!

Hello from Texas. I am heading over to be part of the Motocrew for the Phoenix 3-Day. I will leave Dallas on 16 Oct taking the "northern route" --- which for me is Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff (required stop over in Flag to play in the Grand Canyon 1 day) and ease on down to Phoenix on Wednesday. I may repeat the northern route back home or go "southern" -- Safford, Lordsburg, El Paso, Pecos, Abilene, Dallas.....or "10-20-30" as we call it around here -- refers to the interstates.

This will be my 4th 3-Day. I walked the first Boston (2000), the first Seattle (2001) and motocrewed the first Dallas (2002). All those were under the Avon Foundation. I am already signed up for Dallas 2005 and San Diego ( !! ) 2005. Looking forward to meeting you in Phoenix and riding with you in San Diego in 2005!

I will be on a 2003 Honda Magna 750cc -- temporarily with outriggers (MTC Voyager). I was hit by an SUV 17 Jan this year and am still rehab-ing and recover. But that's another story. I have been checked out by both my Drs and Physical Therapist and have been back on the bike for a month. Put in about 700 miles so far getting back into shape for crew.

Sorry I wasn't in Phoenix for the crew training but it was Yom Kippur. Given the events of my year, one day I didn't want to miss in synagogue!



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