Thursday, September 30, 2004

Event 1 Day 0

Not the score, but the current status. We have now completed Day Zero for the San Diego event. It went fantastically smooth and everyone seemed pumped to have a great event. The MotoCrew is ready, willing and able. We have our maps, radios and paraphernalia necessary and desirable for three days of providing Route Safety.

The best parts of the day were when someone came up from the long registration lines and yelled, "Moto dude!" or "Hey, I remember you!". The hugs started a day early, as far as I am concerned. I saw many walkers I remember and some I don't. It was so cool to hear people be excited that we (MotoCrew) were back again this year. What is really amazing to me is how many people I saw at multiple events. I saw people who I met at ACT in Phoenix walking around in San Diego, either as a crew member or a walker. We have Road Coaches from AZ crewing in SD, Crew Coordinators from LA crewing in AZ, and many other overlaps. This thing really gets into your blood.

And speaking of getting into your blood, my sister Lauren and my father Larry both volunteered today to help handle donations and check in. Before the day was other, Lauren had already signed on to walk next year in San Diego (my apologies now to Lauren's husband Bill and her friend Mette -- you both know why). Of course, I am already signed up to crew next year in San Diego, the only California event scheduled for 2005.

Tomorrow starts the real fun. I'll leave my friend Bethel's house at 5:00am to be at the Del Mar Race Track around 5:30am to drop off my luggage and sleeping bag at the gear truck. Opening Ceremonies will start around 6:15am with the walkers heading out on the course around 6:45am. I have been assigned the second position for the MotoCrew so I will be out on the course early, about 2 miles away from the start line. I am scheduled to have three posts tomorrow so it will be a long day. I can't wait!

Next update will be from the course tomorrow (short updates throughout they day, I hope).

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