Monday, October 18, 2004

Another Monday travel day

For the readers who also ride motorcycles, I can describe the final day of the San Francisco 3-Day event as follows: Slow riding the SF hills in the rain over wet, curved, steel trolley tracks. What a day. If you don't know what that is like, let's just say it takes an acrobat's balance, a weight lifter's strength and an alligator's eye sight. Trying to watch Sunday traffic, 1800 walkers and trains and trolleys all while slip sliding away made for a tough day. The great news is that no one got hurt and the walkers did not whine at all. It was, as always, an amazing day on the route.

We started out in light rain that came and went through the day. By the afternoon, the rain had stopped and the air was warm. The closing ceremonies started out perfectly, until Howard Sitron (or Howard Certain, as he was introduced) started to speak. As if performing a rain dance, Howard said hello to the walkers and the heavens opened. A brief but energetic rain shower drenched us all. Not a stellar ending but everyone took it in stride (pun intended).

Speaking of Mr. Sitron, the man blows a mean horn! Thank you, Howard, for joining the Groove on stage at Camp 2 to blow Funky Town and Brick House (?). You continue to amaze me!

As for our MotoCrew in SF, all I can say is it was a supreme honor. You took me, an outsider to your well established team, in as an equal and I feel honored to have worked with you all. Mama Dee, thank you for your oversight and planning. Everyone else, you are amazing. I felt very comfortable with you all and enjoyed our time together. I can't wait until next year in San Diego when all 50 MotoCrew members from SD, LA, SF and Phoenix show up wearing our bright Orange, Green or Yellow vests and proudly proclaim, "MotoCrew is in da house!". Ummmm, 3-Day Staff, are you ready for us?

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