Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Um... Sorry

I drifted off there. I had planned on updating you all the next day (when I finally woke up) but, alas, work popped up its ugly head and took over for a few days. Now, it is Wednesday morning and I am taking a break from my new gig at work (building org charts, talking to the new teams and explaining my new organization that was announced as I was watching the amazing walkers).

Where did I leave off? Oh yeah... the MotoCrew ;-)

Once again, our team leader Paul made everything as smooth as possible. As a team, we are very flexible and fluid and that was critical this year. From the get-go, we had challenges. The very first intersection on Day 1 was supposed to be covered by our Police support but no one showed. We quickly identified the problem and Paul and Jen stepped in to ensure the walkers' safety. That was the first indication that the event was going to require some serious flexibility. Luckily, we stretched each morning, then adjusted thoughout the day. In the end, all critical spots were covered, walkers were safe and no one got hurt. That is to say, no one on the event got hurt. Can't say as much for the three auto accidents we saw -- something about seeing 2500 walkers with shirts that talked about their boobs, bras on the outside and bright pink wigs makes drivers forget to watch where they are going!

As for the event, it amazingly well coordinated and executed. Everyone was in place and no details seemed to be missed. I hope my three other events are this smooth. I am confident that they will be.

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