Saturday, July 02, 2005

Back at the hotel

As near as I can figure it, I walked a pleasant 14 miles today. Not really too sure since I am not really too sure where I have been. I saw MIT a few times, Harvard Square twice, Harvard Yard once, the river a whole lotta times and some other interesting sites. I circled around Cambridge many times until I finally asked how far it was in my current direction back to the river bridges. The customer and the sales person both turned their back on me and pointed in the opposite direction. Luckily, they gave me directions in a manner to which I am accustomed. "At the KFC, turn right and a left at the Starbucks." We finally agreed that the first street was called Prospect, but no one was too sure what the second one was. So, I found my way back home and have decided to take a map with me from now on. ;-) I did take a lot of great shots of churches, schools and fire stations, as well as the river and bridges. Look for those when I get home in 9 days.

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