Monday, July 25, 2005

Can't Forget our Support Teams

On other events, I have seen bike cops and other city, county or state support staff that are helpful. The walkers usually love them (especially the cute bike cops from San Jose in their little biker shorts). As crew, they are helpful but not really a part of the team.

This event was very different and I really want to thank Tyler Espinoza, the Crew Coordinator here for putting this team together.

The first day, we had the support of Bellevue police at many intersections. They did a great job and were respectful and friendly to the walkers. They were truely a part of our team on Route Safety.

We had city paramedics and fire fighters on bikes running the route also. Those guys were great. Just a cute as the SJ bike cops ;-) but much more active in the support of the walkers. They stepped up to each challenge on the walk and were vigilant in their efforts to support all walkers. They asked us about the status of the walkers and their current locations so they would know where they were needed most. Fantastic.

The ambulance teams were great also. Sending out cheers and encouragement over their loud speakers, talking to the walkers and stopping when they saw folks on the side of the road to see if they could help. They brought water to us in the hot spots while we waited for the very busy sweep vans and even transported three of my walkers who could not continue on and couldn't make it off the trail to a sweep van. Thanks guys!

Lastly, to the firefighters who where there for us and set up sprinkers in spots to cool off the walkers, thanks!

I hope we get to see support like this in all the cities! Thanks to all who come out to support the cause!

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