Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday in Review

The day started out with a wonderful, but very foggy ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and through Saulsalito. I love this area, but it was not a picture day as it was way too foggy to shoot anything memorable. Still the ride started out lovely. Then I hit the blast furnace called Hwy 101. As I rode up past Petaluma and into Santa Rosa, the heat kept building until I decided it was just too much for the whole day and decided to head towards the slower, more scenic route up the coast. I turned West somewhere in Santa Rosa guided by my trusty GPS.

Now, have you ever made a food dish that was absolutely wonderful, but in your haste to "throw it together" you really don't remember exactly how you made it? Well, I made a few lefts and rights, always heading West or North towards my destination and in the process, had the ride of my life. I remember being on the Bohemian Hwy for a long while and stopping in Occidental, CA for a fabulous Italian lunch (four courses!) before continuing on through Camp Meeker. I rode along the Russian River, amazing tree canopies and beautiful farm and ranch land. I am looking at a map now and can find most of it, but the chance of me recreating that ride is pretty slim. Let me tell you, though, it was truely one of the nicest rides I have ever done!

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