Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thank you!

Thank you for donating to my walk in Boston. I have almost reached my $2,500 goal for Boston. Thank you for your generosity and help!

That said (here it comes), please note that my $2,500 goal was a low ball goal ;-) Last year, I set my goal at $8,000 and reached it the day before the walk. I felt that I had asked so much of my supporters last year and that so many of those supporters are now walkers or crew members doing their own fund raising I would ask considerably less this year. You have been very generous to Breast Cancer in Sally's name for three years now. You have donated over $14,500 since 2003. Thank you, but please don't stop. If you came here to support our common cause and our friend's memory, please do so. Donations can be accepted up until 30 days after the walk this week. If you are visiting later than that, please contact me by email and I will provide you a link to one of my other 2005 3-Day events (San Diego or Phoenix).

And lastly, to you Baker Housers who just received Berg's email, welcome!

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