Sunday, September 10, 2006

That Toddlin' Town

What an awesome event. The walkers were great, the crew fun and the weather,,, well the weather was Chicago, but the walkers were troopers.

I became known as the Candy Man on this event, which is better than the Pig Dude I have been called on other events! Over the course of two and a half days, I gave out over six CASES of M&Ms (mostly with peanuts, for those planning on bringing chocolate to other events this year).

If you have done any west coast events, you probably know Big Dan cheering on the walkers in his bucket hat and pink pompom shoe laces. I was never sure how he could do that -- cheer for three days straight. Now I know. And I know WHY he does it. It is AWESOME!

I was able to play music, dance, sing and talk to all of the walkers. As I drove the route, I would look for "slow down spots"; areas where the walkers were falling off the pace. I would pull over, crank the music and offer up M&Ms with the theory that Chocolate Fixes Everything, including sore knees, blisters and Dementors in the Night!

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