Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Friendliest People

Sometimes we forget that good people are everywhere. I was riding the Blue Ridge Parkway today (see next post for details of the day) when I stopped in one of the picnic areas. After two days in the serious heat, I have realized that I need to stop every hour or so and drink a bottle of sports drink.

When I pulled in, I noticed an older couple sitting at a picnic table who stared me down a little as I roared in. I also observed two couples dining together with an impressive spread. It was the kind of gathering I would expect in the moutains of North Carolina on a scenic drive -- all with their bucket hats, oversized sunglasses and sandels with thier socks on.

I had already eaten lunch so I just pulled to the curb near the trash can and drank my bottle down. As I was pacing around, letting the life-sustaining nectar soak into me, I noticed one of the women at the group table waving me over. I smiled, held up my bottle and yelled, "no thank you, I just needed the drink". She yelled back, "we have too much, come on over." Big, bad biker being invited to break bread with a few senior citizens.

I mounted up and rode over to them to say that I didn't need any food, thanks. It was like being with an Italian mother. "We have salami sandwiches", "we have more than we can eat", "how about some fruit?", "a cookie?" She was a hoot. We talked about the ride, the breast cancer events, etc.

It is easy to forget that there are generally good people out there, not just at the breast cancer events.

Oh, and the other couple who stared me down on the way in. They waved and smiled as I roared back out.

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