Monday, August 13, 2007

Recapping Yesterday

Now that I am sitting down for breakfast in Mississippi, it is a good time for an update.

For all Route Safety folks, please watch your fluid intake on event. It is hot out there. Yesterday, the weather overheated both my bike (shutdown in stop and go traffic) and me (mentally shut down 30 miles outside New Orleans). The bike got a little oil, I got 32 oz of PowerAde. We both took a break.

I am truely convinced that most single bike accidents in the summer are at least partly caused by dehydration. The poor decisions we make when the organs are malnurished can be devastating. For me, I notice that I "zone out" and no longer think about where I am -- I am just following the bumper in front of me just like the walkers following the fannypacks in front of them and walking into intersections.

Getting back to the ride, it was OK... Mostly pounding pavement. The same is on tap for today to make 650+ miles. That will set me up for tomorrow's ride on the Blue Ridge Hwy, I hope.

I had never driven or ridden into LA or MS before and seeing all of the swamps, bogs, rivers, lakes and buyous was very cool (well, swampy hot, but you get my meaning).

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