Sunday, August 30, 2009

The end of DEN

The rebirth of the Denver 3-Day is done. The event was not without challenges but we made it through with good weather and happy walkers.

The route was gorgeous with mountain, lake, and river vistas and neighborhoods of spectacular mansions full of beautiful people. Excellent law enforcement support from Cherry Hills PD and others enhanced the whole experience.

It was great to see so many friends from the AZ walks. I'm sorry we lost Craig this year as he would have been a welcome addition to our team. He will be missed in AZ as well.

To Jim, my favorite power walker from OR, I'm sorry your couldn't finish but I'm glad your OK and I look forward to seeing you on a route sometime, somewhere.

And to Mr. and Mrs. August, you guys are amazing. I've never seen anyone fight or come back from red tagging so aggressively. You finished and that is a testament to your dedication.

Dan, it is always great to see a Motocrew member in sneakers and a coconut bra on the route. Congrats on finishing your first event from the other viewpoint. Nicely done.

That wraps up my Denver event. A few days hanging out in Colorado then on to the next leg of my great adventure. If the weather and lack of a job holds, I should be in Halifax, Nova Scotia in a few weeks then heading back west to attend the San Francisco 3-Day in October.

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Christi said...


As always, you were such a great help to keep us going! Since this was my first "out-of-town" walk (I walked AZ for 5 years), it was so nice to see a familiar face (and snout) and get super great hugs!

Thanks for helping make Denver a great walk for the Boobie Queens!

I'll be emailing you some pics this weekend!