Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated

As I pack the bike and saddle up to start my 2009 Komen for the Cure 3-Day season, I realize that I was a little remiss last year. One post saying the season is here and then... well... there was no then. Apparently I got a little busy. That does tend to happen when I am in the middle of traffic, but that is no excuse.

This year, I promise to be better. If not, I will delete this post and pretend I never committed to anything.

It is early morning already and I have not finished packing. I will do so, then grab a full night's sleep and ride out from Orange County, CA. Because of a funky work schedule, I cannot ride into Denver for my first 3-Day event this year with the rest of the nuts on two wheels who call themselves Route Safety (MotoCrew for us old dogs). Instead, I get to spend a leisurely 7 days riding around the west coast with the intent on ending in Denver a week from today. I will drop the bike with the Harley dealer and fly back to Orange County for an annual family vacation and a meeting with my one and only client on the 25th. Afterwards, I will fly back to Denver, pick up the bike, attach the pink bras, don the nipple helmet and put on my safety vest to enjoy MY first 3-Day in the Mile High City.

Looks for updates here and on FaceBook (if you are my friend) as I ride up to central Kaliforniam then to Lake Tahoe and on through the forests, hills, valleys and eventually mountains of Colorado. Should be a blast -- somewhere around 2,000 miles before hitting Denver. I have no idea of how I am coming home yet. Should be fun!

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