Friday, September 04, 2009

Great company, awesome donation

Most followers know that I ALWAYS have a pink pig on the back of my bike for the 3-Day events. Pink for breast cancer, pig to represent my Harley "hog". You also know I give the pig up for adoption by a walker. I give the pig to a walker who touches me and helps me remember each event uniquely.

A few years ago I bought several as I have troubles finding a pig I like to have as my passenger. I have been using a pig called "Snout" from Aurora Plush Toys (Aurora World) but that little guy is discontinued. While at the event in Denver I contacted Aurora asking where I might find more.

To keep this short, they had no more Snout but had run a promo for an almost identical pig called Pookie. Alas they said they were out of THAT pig too but would check the warehouse. During that time, Mala at Aurora read this BLOG and contacted me immediately. They had found 32 Pookies in the back and wanted to DONATE them to me for these events. Awesome! The pigs were never expensive but combined with the Harley clothes I use to dress them, it put a small dent in what I had available to donate to walkers. Now I have enough little partners for 8 years of events at my current rate. Of course, that could change. :-)

Thank you Mala and Aurora for your very generous donation to Komen for the Cure!

Aurora Plush Toys

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