Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Arizona 3-Day is upon us

I am in Phoenix and the bike is ready. Today is crew day, my 23rd time to learn why we are here and how to use a Nextel radio. Seriously guys, I think I get it by now. Oh well, it is a chance to see all my 3-Day friends in Phoenix again.

I had a great dinner with Greg Hoffmann and some of Team THRIVR, my official team in AZ. I have never really been part of a team before, but in honor of our dearly missed Jen, it seemed appropriate. I am honored to wear my Team THRIVR shirt to the crew meeting today. Tonight I will hook back up with some of the team members for another memorable dinner at Nello's before heading to the hotel for a few hours of sleep. Friday mornings come early on the event as we arrive around 4am to help traffic control for the walker drop offs. If you are walking tomorrow, wave as you go by me. I shant be hard to find in my flashing, pink bunny ears.

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