Saturday, January 09, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Happy new year everyone!  Towards the end of the 2009 3-Day season (cool that we have our own season, isn't it) I made my selections for 2010.  As of now, I am registered for and intend to MotoCrew (Route Safety) in Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix and San Diego.

I say "as of now" because if I don't find work pretty soon, that may change.  You got it, MORE events, not less.  If I am not working, why not ride around and crew more cities?  Perhaps back to Denver, Dallas, Cleveland, Chicago or even further east and north.  Who knows.  My cross-country trip in 2009 made me want for more riding time.

So, here is my history and 2010 plan:

2010:   Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego
2009: Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego
2008:   San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego
2007:   Cleveland, Dallas/Ft Worth, Phoenix, San Diego
2006:   Chicago (Volunteer), Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego
2005:   Boston (Walker), Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego
2004:   San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix
2003:   San Diego

Each year I pick one event for which I fund-raise.  The rest I self-fund to augment the random friend who donates.  As with last year, my donation link on this blog and in my emails will point to the Arizona walk where I support Team THRIVR, Greg and Jen Hoffmann's team.  Read back through this blog and you will find out all about the Hoffmann's and Team THRIVR.

So, if you have some spare change and need a safe place to invest it, please click on my link above!  Thank you and see you on the route!


Susan Scott said...

Are you there? I found your blog and would love to read about your 2010 journey. I walked in Dallas in 2009 and will be in San Francisco this year. Hope to see you there!

MotoCrew Michael said...

Susan, I am here, I promise. Still on for the four cities I listed. I will see you in SF!