Thursday, September 02, 2004


My name is Michael Landesman and I am creating this BLOG to chronical my amazing experiences with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day Events in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA, as well as the closing event in Phoenix, AZ.

To learn more about the event, my fund raising and my reasons for supporting Komen and Breast Cancer Research, please check out this link

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Katrina Reese said...

What a small world....and thank goodness for technology! I just completed my 2nd 3 day walk in Clevland last weekend. Our team, The Blista Sistas, walked last year, and then recruited more people for our team this year. We were telling the "newbies" all about the fabulous crew, and especially the best guy, Mike! You weren't there and we really missed your genuine spirit! :) However, as a team, we are all planning on getting a pink ribbon tattoo on our foot to represent the walk and more importantly, the people we walk for! As I'm doing a search on 3 Day tattoos, your picture shows up and here you are! I'm not sure if you read this regularly, but I had to say hello and let you know your inspiration has continued! We missed you and we all hope you are doing well.
Katrina Reese
Cincinnati, Ohio