Monday, October 25, 2004

The Beginning of the End

I am on the road home just east of the California border in Arizona after the last 3-Day event of the season.  Bitter sweet as I have thoroughly enjoyed myself for the past month but I am ready to get back home and into work again.

While the Phoenix event frustrated me immensely in many regards, it ended and a fantastic high note.  The low points seem to have been caused mostly by the newness of the event.  As the first Arizona event ever, most of the crew and walkers had no experienced with multi-day events like this.  As such, there was little of the cooperation and “can do” attitude that  exists in the Calofirnia events I have done.  Many crew captains were new and still learning their roles. The outcome was a bit of “we/they” as opposed to the usual “us” that a 3-Day requires.   I believe that these issues will be resolved next year and expect this to be an outstanding event.  This year, there were almost 2,000 walkers and we raised $5.4 million dollars.

The high was being invited to dinner with Bob, Barbara Jo (walker in all Avon and Komen events), David (their son who walked 4 events), Dr. Deb (walked 10 events), Tom (her fiance), Dan (Big Thunder and Cheer Station Extraordinaire) and two other couples who heavily support the cause and the walkers.  Thank you, again, Bob and Barbara Jo for your amazing hospitality.  We met at Ruth's Chris Steak House and I realized that I had not eaten there since Sally passed. You see, whenever Sally got her taste buds back between Chemo treatments, that was our first stop.  What a wonderful way to end the Breast Cancer events!

Well, back on the road now.  More comments and updates when I get my laptop back online.

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