Saturday, October 23, 2004

Phoenix Day 2

Um, yeah. I missed Days 0 and 1. Sorry.

OK, here is the recap. Day 0 rained the whole day. Streets flooded. Saftey Video cancelled due to concerns about electocution. Overall, a miserable day. I ended up leaving my bike in the dirt parking lot of Rawhide, the event location because that was safer than riding it through the flooded streets 5 miles to the hotel.

Day 1 was clear but still wet from the previous rains. The streets had cleared however and the event went off as planned. Nearly 2000 walkers took off on their 22 mile first day. With only 3 motorcycles and 4 bicycles, it was an interesting day but we made it through successfully. When I have more time, I will tell you about the walker who made my day yesterday.

It is nearly 5am and I have already showered and started packing my tent. Breakfast next then hit the course. It was “desert” cold last night and very damp this morning so it is hard to get going. Colder here than when I woke up in the rain in San Francisco.

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