Monday, October 11, 2004

Update from the road

On my way from the LA walk to San Francisco. Quick update: Boring. OK that was unfair. You deserve more. Damn Boring!

They say dangerous careers like Police, Fire Fighters and CPAs are based on hours and hours of boredom followed by moments of sheer terror. This ride is much like that, without the benefit of those special moments.

Taking the speed route up I-5 instead of the scenic route up Hwy 1. So far, I've seen no walkers nor any route marking signage. We are really slipping. Nothing to report except, perhaps, for the Pro Bowl head fake I gave the black bird intent on playing chicken with me at 80 MPH. Had I a red cape and a sword, I'd have an ear as a souvenir now. Do birds have ears? If they do, and I a sword, I'd have one.

OK on to Hwy 46 over to the 101 and into the Bay Area.

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