Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Vegas, Baby!

Made it to Las Vegas today from Reno. With the storms coming off the pacific coast, I chose to ride Alt-95 down which takes me about as far east as possible before heading south. Great in theory, but the rains found me anyway. 450 miles with nearly 75% in the rain. Luckily, my rain gear works flawlessly and I arrived dry and comfortable. No one enjoys riding in the rain, but if you arrive safely and relatively warm and dry, it is not too bad.

Time to grab dinner and then hit the casino for an hour or three. Tomorrow I have some work to do first then a ride into Scottsdale to start the last of my four 3-Day events for 2004!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
Just catching up on your trip, glad to hear you made it to Vegas safe & sound. Will be looking forward to hearing of your arrival in Scottsdale. If you get a minute, give me a call. I want to stop by the house and pick up my spare helmet for this weekend.