Wednesday, May 25, 2005

2005 3-Day Season is HERE!

Wow, so much news. This year, I will continue my tenure as a Route Safety/MotoCrew dude in San Diego and Phoenix. I will also be in Seattle "helping out" since I was too late to get on the official crew. But the really big news is: my son, Brandon, is working for Event-360 on all of the events and I will be walking in the Boston event this year!

I started "fake" training with my sister as this is her first year walking and I had the time. The more I walked, the more I realized I could do the event! I just registered today as a walker, so I will be on at least four events this year.

July 8-10 Boston / Walker
July 22-24 Seattle / Asst. Route Safety
October 14-16 San Diego / Route Safety
October 21-23 Phoenix / Route Safety

You will all see my son, "Red", at camp each night as the Audio/Visual Technician. Look for him setting up the stage, sound, projectors, TVs, large blue blow up things, etc.

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