Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Season nears start

My son just landed in Dallas for a week of training before the first event. I have my flights and hotels booked for Boston and am in the middle of a 10 mile training walk as I type this. The 3-Days are upon us!


Christy said...

Hurray for the 2005 3day season! Thanks again for dinner last night - it was grreat to hang out with you and Ravi

-Christy /Peanut

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm no one you know. :) I just wanted to say, Yay for you! I'm a first-time walker in the Boston 3-day myself. People like you that have been involved in these events before are truely an inspiration to me. Thank you!

MotoCrew Michael said...

Thanks for the greeting! I may not know you now, but I'd like to on the walk... please leave me your name on private email ( or find me in Nashua/Boston. I'm walking with the Men with Heart group. Just ask anyone in a yellow MWH shirt for MotoCrew Michael from California!