Friday, July 22, 2005

Let's face it, I'm pooped...

[Extra credit to those who can name the show the song lyric in the title came from]

The first day of the Seattle 3-Day is in the books and I am ready for bed. It was a very short walk day, but a very, very long work day. The route was only 17.5 miles today (very short by 3-Day standards) but with a crew call of 4am and a day filled with rain, I am dog tired. I am not really sure what that phrase means, but I know I am exhausted.

We were soaked to the bone by 8am and it continued raining until mid-day. Then, unlike Boston, the sun came out and dried up all the rain. By the time most walkers got to camp, the ground was nearly dry and the sun had taken the significant chill off. Warm showers and excellent food put everyone back in 3-Day spirits. Someday, I may tell you about the MotoCrew singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song for Karaoke.

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