Sunday, July 10, 2005

The survivor's circle

I was given an honor today that is unparalleled. I was allowed to walk in closing ceremonies with the breast cancer survivor's circle, carrying the flag of our 3-Day event.

In opening ceremonies, the circle arrives empty, with no flag. Each night, we raise the flag with a standing ovation to signal that the last walker has arrived safely into camp. At the closing ceremonies, the circle returns with the flag in the center in honor of all breast cancer survivors and those who were lost to the disease. I got to carry that flag in and raise it up the flag pole to signal the end of the 2005 Boston 3-Day event!

It was extra special since my son was there to share it with me. He honors me and Sally by working his butt off in the sun, rain, wind and general muck to help all of the walkers and crew as a staff member of Event-360, the event coordinator for the Breast Cancer 3-Day. Thank you Brandon "Red" Landesman!

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