Monday, March 06, 2006

Deja Vu all over again

And so it begins. Well, actually it began earlier this year when I registered myself to walk in Boston and crew in Dallas, Phoenix and San Diego. Like you expected anything else.

What is really cool about 2006 is that I get to walk in the first event and crew at the closing event!

Yesterday, I did my first training walk. Really, it was more of a test. I have not worked out since I moved to Texas and have done no distance walking since last year's events. So, I strapped on the running shoes, plugged in the iPod NANO and started walking. Four miles plus a small shopping stop went smoothly. Tonight I will try the treadmill at the gym (I knew I was paying that membership for a reason) for another 4-5 miles. My goal right now is to play a little catch up and walk at least four days per week -- 5 miles each outing. I have some nasty hills up behind my new house and will brave them in a little while. Right now, flat track walking is all I hope for.

For the next few months, I will try to revisit this site and update you on my training. If, at any time, you feel compelled to support my efforts, you can
always click on the "Donate Here" link in the top right corner of this blog. If you have wealthy, caring friends, please send them this link:

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1 comment:

Christy "Peanut" said...

Do you realize how excited I am that we are both walking in boston!?
I'm going to try and volunteer or crew in San Diego too..but its expensive in my budget to register and travel..

And man - I need an iPod!! That would help training tremendously!!! Again, so damn expensive..

Good luck training!