Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arizona 3-Day, Best Weekend EVER

What an awesome experience. While I have done many of these 3-Day events, I have never been on a team before and never been a part of something as special as Team THRIVR. In memory of team founder Jen Hoffmann, we laughed, hugged, cried, hugged, talked, hugged and danced. Then we hugged some more. Thank you Greg Hoffmann and all of the THRIVRs out there.

As always the crew in Phoenix was fantastic. Chuck and Steve kept everyone on task and the crew worked like a well oiled machine.

Ebony & Ivory performed as usual and everyone did their thing to cheer on and protect the walkers.

The walkers in Phoenix are amazing. Cold, hot, rain, shine, they just keep on smiling and dancing. No one (and I mean NO ONE) complained at all. Personally, the route does little for me, but the people here make it all worthwhile.

And sometimes one shirt really says it all.

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Amy Carlson said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this weekend the most amazing experience of my life!! You guys were awesome and I had a blast!! Just when we need a bit of encouragement you were there playing music and helping dodge traffic!!

Thanks again,

Amy Carlson
AZ 3Day Rockstar 2009